Cat Care Tips – Getting The Best Cat Diabetes Food


There are two major types of cat diabetes which are insulin dependent and non-insulin dependent. The former however is said to be more prevalent with almost 75% of the cases of cat diabetes reported across the world being associated with the insulin dependent type. The fact that you need to follow the vet’s exact instructions in administering the right dosages of insulin shots in order to enable your cat lead a healthy lifestyle once again is inevitable because low dosage or an overdose can be extremely fatal and hence not help but worsen matters. However, besides ensuring that your favorite cat gets the right insulin shots, you will have to couple this up with the right recipes and cat diabetes foods. Here is a detailed look into right cat diabetes food.

If you are experiencing cat diabetes in your life for the first time and you happen to love your pet very much then this could be a situation that will obviously bother you to no end. Moreover, it can be very frustrating to start looking for the right cat diabetes food especially if you have never done it before. In fact, pundits argue that the disease has become more prevalent in the current world than it was decades ago due to the unhealthy processed foods that most cat owners feed to their pets frequently. This is why, vets and nutritionists have created diabetes food recipes that are friendlier to diabetic cats and can help in keeping the cat’s insulin levels on check all the time. Below are some of the commonly recommended options of the perfect cat diabetes foods suitable for your diabetic cats.

Royal Canin cat food is one of the most preferred diabetic cat dry foods that can help reduce the effects of the diabetes in cats remarkably. Manufacturers of this diabetic cat food virtually went through several years of intense studies and massive researches in order to give your diabetic cat a plausible solution that can combat his/her diabetes problem. Meaning, it’s a practical way of making your cat healthy and happy once more. Although, you the diabetic cat food should be prescribed by a vet, it has to be prescribed for your diabetic cat before you start out on using it. You should take time to research extensively for you to\ be able to get great discounts from the online and offline stores. The good thing about this diabetic cat food is that it’s not only very strong but a recommendation set aside for diabetic cats only.

Since the Royal Canin food reacts to insulin, you always have to ensure that you constantly keep a close eye on your cat once you start on the diet. Most product reviews attach the Royal Canin diabetic cat food as the best diabetic cat dry food for cats with diabetes.

Another option of diabetic cat food is vet approved Purina. Apart from the fact that most people overlook this option because they consider it expensive, it’s actually one of the most reliable dry and canned diabetes cat foods. As a matter of fact most experts recommend that cat owners should settle for diabetic foods that are responding well with the animals.

Hills are another great option of diabetic food for your cat that you’ll certainly want to consider taking a look at. This type of foods is a great solution for obese diabetic cats that need foods that are rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. This is actually a good option for most diabetic cats because about 50% of them are overweight.